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Who Are We

MELA is Gathering

This April the MELA COLLECTIVE will create our third record. To do so we are meeting in Rochester, NY. MELA COLLECTIVE is a jazz fusion recording ensemble comprised of core members from Buffalo, Rochester and Chicago. 

We are still in the planning stages for this one. Some things we know, such as our location, our musicians and our recording dates. Some things still need to be arranged. At this time our primary goal is seeking a recording engineer to assist us in recording and creating our studio.


Here's a little bit of the logistics...

When we recorded our second album we were assisted by sound engineers Tyler Will and Jaden Zhang. Together, we successfully created our own studio in less than 24 hours. This involved supplying all of our own mics, interface, cables and other supplies that were made available by our musicians and engineers. In the spirit of that experience we are once again endeavoring to create our own recording environment. All musicians in the ensemble have recording knowledge and experience to offer but we have some essential full ensemble songs to record and would appreciate a recording engineer to be present and bring guidance and efficiency.

Our ideal engineer is someone intrigued by our concept and excited to experiment and create with us. Traditionally the musicians volunteer their time so we are seeking an individual that aligns with our spirit and passion for the project.


We are putting together a list of equipment we already have

2021 Macbook Pro


SM58 x2

Boom Mic Stand 

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