In Memory of Angelo Di Loretto

Angelo studied piano with Vijay Iyer at the Manhattan School of Music and was well known for his extensive work with the Philippe Lemm Trio, with Jeff Koch on bass. Everyone talks about his generous and caring nature. The many heartwarming tributes that loved ones have dedicated to his memory on social media are strongly personal and impactful and mean much more together than this one article, my one experience. I only met Angelo in 2015 at a master class at Fredonia University. Frank Valente and I played a duo version of "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers" on piano and vibes. We played pretty stiff and Angelo and his fabulous trio encouraged us to see past that and to look at all the possibilities at once, both tonally and rhythmically, and let it unfold organically.

There is no substitute for checking in on your friends and loved ones. Be generous and caring, support each other.

In loving memory of Angelo Di Loretto

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