Recording & Production

Got a record your planning out? We can help you put together songs from the composition phase to the mastering stage. We provide engineers, equipment, location arrangements, and game plans to make sure your album development process goes smoothly.  

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Booking & Gigging

Got an act ready for some shows? Well help strategize your performance schedule, and help you book that tour to get your act the best opportunities. 

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Promotion & Distribution

Got music you're planning to release? Let us help you get your music to the listeners. You've put in the hard work and you deserve to be on every streaming site, music blog and set of ear phones. We will help you find write ups and reviews. 

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Live Sound

Hosting an event with live music? We can find you the perfect audio engineer for your event. Someone with knowledge of your genre and instrumentation will shape the sound of music to it's ideal.

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Audio for Film/Visual Media

Working on a film that needs some quality sound? We can provide composers, recording technicians, folly artists, and the right audio post-production to make your next film exactly the way you envisioned it. 

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Songwriting & Composition

Got a project that's in need of some quality music or lyrics? We can bring our creative flow to the table, regardless of genre, style or scenario it be for. 


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