Taylor Ford (Toloro)

   Moving to Chicago in 2014, Taylor graduated with 2 degrees from Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Music and Audio Engineering. Building relationships with Columbia's film department, he began composing and writing music for student films and working as onset music director for film shoots.

   As a multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer, Taylor began experimenting with songwriting and production techniques, and developed Toloro as a recording project to innovate his style as a musician. Entering the Chicago DIY and underground music scene in 2017, Taylor eventually became the host of hotspot DIY venue The Couch House, regularly orchestrating shows and events with help from Paul Sottnik. Taylor is also 1 of the 5 powerhouse members of the Chicago Math Rock band Origami Button.

   Today he resides in Pilsen in Chicago, running shows and events at the Pilsen Art House, writing and recording music for film, and continuing to experiment with musical aesthetics. Specializing in Lo-Fi and Indie style production, and DIY music development.   

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For the music of Toloro and featuring Toloro, written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and more, check out...

BA's in both Audio Engineering and Music

Check out some music I've produced in the Gallery...

I've run live audio for Acoustic shows, EDM, Hip Hop, Punk, you name it


For Clips, Vids, and Films that I've written/recorded/mixed music for, Toloro Visualizers, and Live Videos featuring Toloro, check out...

Multi Instrumentalist:

Primary - Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion

Secondary - Piano, Vocalist, Ukulele

Specializing is both Unsettling Horror scores, and Quirky Comedy Soundtracks


For Toloro designed album art, ads, promos, self portraits, and other artwork, check out...

Available for cover art, promos, logos and more

Looking to get into the Chicago scene?

Let's see if I can get you a show

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